This site policy is governed by the domain and the subdomains
The rules published in the domain are absolute.
The rules of the website are respected by the owner of the domain under the conditions specified by the legislator.
Policy changes can be made by the legislator.
Claims arising from conflicting principles can be brought against the legislator.
Legislator: TOOREEN Commission,

1. The website operates under the TAYCC license
2. The website provides a function based on recommendations
3. The website will delete the user’s account and its resources, if it deems that the user is acting to the detriment of the website
4. Materials posted by the user not relating to the film or film production will be removed
5. Comments, entries, reviews and text content posted by the user will be deleted if it is not in line with the topic or has inappropriate vocabulary
6. Advertising materials sent by the user will be removed
7. Some information about the user may be saved in the DBA system (this information includes: identity – name and surname, proper name, activities, IP address, e-mail address)

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