HOMESFILMS is an original project for film production. We mainly implement ideas for creating materials supporting the production of original film, television and independent projects.

Our projects include, among others:

Full-length films,
Feature films – acting film of fiction,
Animated and cartoon films,
Educational films – for didactic and instructional purposes,
Action movies – Action,
Animated films of the type: Anime – Japanese animated film,
Biographical films,
Documentaries – Documentary,
Drama films – Drama, Melodrama,
Educational films,
Fantastic Movies – Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Horror,
Science fiction movies – Science fiction film,
Historical films,
Costume movies,
Catastrophic movies,
Comedy Movies – Comedy, Black Comedy, Grotesque, Romantic Comedy, Comedy-drama, Parody,
Crime films – Crime Thriller,
Music Videos – Musical,
Movies like: Noir,
Films like: Movie novels,
Drama films,
Poetry films,
Political films,
Legal Videos,
Adventure films,
Nature films,
Psychological movies,
Religious movies,
Bible Movies,
Romantic Movies – Romance,
Action movies – Sensacja,
Sports movies,
Surreal movies,
Movies like martial arts,
Movies like: Thriller – Thriller,
Movies like Western,
War movies,
TV programs,
Realityshow programs,
Music Videos,
TV series.

Services related to HOMESFILMS ORG may be payable, we also reserve the right to block materials and not publish them if we believe that they are intended for film companies and not for the ordinary user due to unfair plagiarism, for example: using ideas in your scenarios or projects.

The paid materials include:

publications supporting work on a given project,
author’s help from a scriptwriter or director,
recommendations and functions enabling access to additional website capabilities,
downloading selected educational files marked as paid.

HOMESFILM ORG is at the development stage, therefore at the moment we are accepting cooperation offers and suggestions related to the development of film production.

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