On this page you can create scenarios and develop them. Each Screenplay will be displayed on the film company's interest board, which can choose your project for implementation.

A film script is a literary work (often made up) that is used to make a film.
As an original work, a script may have elements of other works (for example, an adaptation of a novel, short story, etc.).
The Screenplay on the HOMESFILMS website should be created in such a way that producers can easily use it during the initial implementation tests.
A script on the HOMESFILMS website should be mainly a work specially written for film production by a screenwriter or director (author’s film).
Below are the basic requirements for creating a Screenplay on our website:

1. History of the Screenplay (Description of the plot).
2. Main title (Left or Center or Right).
3. Margin (1.5).
4. Record: Name of the author or authors (for example: Written by …).
5. Place and year of publication or launch, copyright.
6. Font: Courier 12.
7. We start the description of the actions performed by the characters on a new line, without any changes in the margins.
8. Titles, character names in capital letters (In the middle).
9. Dialogues (In the middle, indented to the left).
10. Termination.

The following is a visual example of a screenplay:

We wish you successful work in creating the film script.

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